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Turkish tile has a centuries-old history. As a result of increasing industrialization in the last 30 years, tile, ceramic tile, Turkey has become a leading manufacturing center of the world. Due to the increase in the work intensity of Turkish ceramic tile manufacturers, the service provided in international sales is weakening. At this point, we, who grew up in the center of the ceramic industry, provide you with quality control, sales service, export service and after-sales satisfaction service. Unicera fair , with the participation of all the Turkey ceramic tile manufacturer, is organized regularly since 2010. According to the annual statistics, visitor participation increases by an average of 15% each year. Even this information proves that the demand for Turkish ceramics is increasing. In the light of all this information, as Era tile, we are proud to provide you with dealer and project purchasing services in all your processes.



According to the report Turkey’s statistical institution; Between 2015-2019, the annual export of Turkish ceramic producers increased from 77 million square meters to 111 million square meters. The 44% increase in the amount in 4 years shows that Turkish manufacturers have caught a positive trend in the ceramic tile industry. The positive trend thanks to ceramic production volume in Turkey increased. At the same time, due to the increasing volume and fluctuations in the exchange rate, the unit price decreased from 5.85 euro to 5.31 euro.


The trend in the ceramic industry shows an increase in ceramic sales Due to the increase in ceramic supply and demand worldwide, ceramic vendors are experiencing problems in their service quality.

At this point, our service becomes more valuable day by day. This rush will be our most important oppurtunity.





40X80 BEYAZ KERAMOGRANİT (SIRLI PORSELEN) ürünü Türkmenistan pazarına özel ürün olarak üretiliyor olup Türkiye de dahil olmak üzere dünyanın başka hiçbir bölgesinde kullanılmamaktadır. Türkiye seramik sektörünün gelmiş olduğu 2021 yılındaki sıkışıklık sebebiyle sene başından beri Türkmenistan tarafından gelen hiçbir talebe cevap verilememiştir.



Bu sebeple Frig tile olarak yapmış olduğumuz anlaşma neticesinde Türkiye’nin önde gelen üreticilerinin üretim teknolojisiyle yatırımımızı birleştirerek 40×80 üretimine başladık!


Daha detaylı bilgi için aşağıdaki iletişim bilgisinden tarafımıza ulaşıp teklif alabilirsiniz.







Organized by Istanbul Fuarcılık, one of the CNR Holding companies, with the cooperation of the Turkish Ceramics Federation (TSF), the Association of Plumbing Building Materials Manufacturers (TIMDER) and the support of KOSGEB, UNICERA Istanbul International Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair was at CNR Expo Istanbul Fair Center between 10 – 14 March 2020. opened its doors.



The fair, which is expected to host over 100 thousand industry professionals from 130 countries, will showcase the most innovative products of more than 1,200 brands. At the fair, the Turkish ceramics industry, which is the 11th largest supplier of the world ceramic market, which has reached a size of 60 billion dollars, will also try to reach new markets. Also within the scope of the fair; Simultaneously, a special section of Kitchen Turkey will be held.

UNICERA Istanbul, one of the largest specialized fairs in Turkey, where the leading and exporter brands of the ceramic and construction industry come together, will be the scene of the industry’s most innovative products, designs, materials and technologies. The fair, which will be attended by international brands from countries such as China, Italy, Spain and India, which are shaping the ceramic industry as well as Turkey, is expected to set a new record with its exhibitors, visitors and trade volume this year, as it did last year.


Bathroom Products and Accessories Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors

Sanitaryware Products
Armature Groups
Bathtub, Jacuzzi, Hydromassage Systems and Accessories
Shower Cabin Systems and Accessories
Closet, Reservoir and Complementary Products
Bathroom Furniture and Accessories
Sauna Systems and Equipment
Towel Warmer and Radiator Systems
Floor and Wall Coverings Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors

Ceramic Products
Porcelain Products
Granite Products
Natural Stone Products
Marble Products
Tile and Mosaic Products
Glass and Glass Building Products
Ceramic Processing Technologies and Complementary Products Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors

Ceramic Machinery
Ceramic Raw Materials
Ceramic Paints and Raw Materials
Ink, Pigments and Glazes
Insulation Materials and Chemicals
Ceramic Adhesives
Ceramic Cutters, Spare Parts and Accessories

Scraper and Polishing Machines and Stones
Brick – Tile Machinery and Equipment
Kitchen Products and Accessories Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors
Kitchen Furniture
Solo and Built-in Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Countertops
Sink and Armature Groups
Kitchen Accessories
Wardrobe Rail, System and Equipment
Decoration Products and Accessories Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors

Floor, Wall and Ceiling Coating Products
Decorative Objects and Accessories
Decorative Furniture and Accessories
Packaging and Storage Producers, Importers and Distributors

Labeling Machines
Packaging Machines
Pallets and Stacking Products
Shelf Systems and Storage Units
Transport – Lifting Vehicles and Equipment
Logistics, Storage, Loading and Unloading Services

Software Products
Work Safety Equipment
Sectoral Publications
Kitchen Products and Accessories Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors



Fair Statistics 2019:

91.502 visitors from 130 countries
18.358 international visitors
200+ participants
1,200+ brands
100.000 m2 fair area

Laying of mosaic & marble flooring

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  • Get More Reliability – You’ll get more reliability if you provide money-back guarantee.
  • 30 Days Refund – Most of industrial standards offers 30 days limit
  • Refund in Same Gateway! – Use same payment gateway that your customers paid to you.

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