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Ceramic tile combines natural materials such as clay, sand, quartz, and water. A ceramic tile factory produces a high percentage of chamotte in making ceramic tiles, i.e., uses the general rule of clay that is ground after firing. Ceramic tiles are primarily used as bathroom and kitchen wall and floor surfaces in homes, offices, restaurants, and shops.

The global demand value for ceramic tiles is increasing day by day. It is also a fact that solid growth in developing and emerging economies accelerated the growth of ceramic tile factory. Technological developments in ceramic tile materials and the abundant availability of raw materials also contribute to the growth of the ceramic tile market and ceramic tile factory.

Ceramic tile factory production of floor tiles, wall tiles, and others is the main product segment of the ceramic tile market. The other products segment is also growing, including tabletops, indoor floors, building facades, fireplaces, balconies, terraces, pools, countertops, and industrial areas. Frig Tile company ensures that the ceramic tile factory’s production flow is processed fastest in ceramic tile orders.

Name of the product

Name of the product

Name of the product

Name of the product

The Best Types of Ceramic Tiles

A specialized ceramic tile factory produces in a way that allows the ceramic tile to create beautiful spaces. Ceramic tiles will create perfect spaces thanks to their cleanliness, health, functionality, and aesthetics. However, a ceramic tile factory combines these features with the user’s sense of comfort.

The world of ceramic tiles is terrific, with endless product and style options. Ceramic tile flooring and wall products are offered in various textures, patterns, and sizes in ceramic tile factory productions. When these textures are combined with a range of grouting and glaze options, a professional ceramic tile factory offers substantial design options to suit almost any space style.

As it is known, primarily floor and wall coverings are among the most critical points of decoration. The suitable material chosen can transform living spaces into an entirely different area. These ceramic tiles, produced within the ceramic tile factory as coating material, are divided into three groups. These three groups separated in the ceramic market are:

  • Tile (Wall Tile)
  • Floor Tiles
  • Porcelain

Tiles, that is, wall tiles, are produced for wall coverings within the ceramic tile factory. These wall tiles have some parts. A ceramic tile factory pays attention to the fact that these parts are porous; their water absorption capacity is high. This feature ensures that the tile adheres well to the wall.

The water absorption values of the floor tiles produced by the ceramic tile factory are low. A ceramic tile factory has floor tiles with higher load-bearing capacity and higher density. Porcelain tiles, divided into two glazed and unglazed, are known as granite in ceramic tile factory production.

Ceramic tile factory orders are as follows:

  • Functional features
  • Ordering a few more boxes than needed
  • Paying attention to color and size coding
  • Appealing to the aesthetic taste
  • suitability for the place

The Most Exclusive Ceramic Tile Products

FrigTile ceramic tile factory attaches great importance to quality in its production. You can discover the beautiful and vast world of styles with our company. Our company, where we can supply the most exclusive ceramic tile products, is a company that is aware of the fact that technology changes day by day. Our company’s ceramic tile factory solution partners have innovations in line with developing and changing technology.

Frig Tile informs the factories about this to take priority in the production of ceramic tile factory in the orders received. Our company, which works in more than 30 countries, offers its customers almost all distinguished types of tiles. Our products include the following products:

  • Porcelain
  • Wall Tiles
  • Subway tiles
  • 20MM Outdoor
  • Mosaic
  • Large Sheets
  • Wood Effect

Our best ceramic tile factory products come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. In the production of ceramic tile types and models, a ceramic tile factory attaches great importance to appearance and waterproofing, long service life, porosity, and hygiene. Our company provides the most reliable ceramic tile factory production guarantee in supplying the most exclusive products you need.

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