Frig Tile India


As the Frig tile factory, our most stylishly designed products have been produced in many parts of Turkey and Europe for decades. Our factory, which has determined to keep up with the conditions of every period as its main vision, has made its investments to produce ceramic-porcelain tiles in India in order to provide you with products with high quality standards at competitive prices.


Thanks to our state-of-the-art production lines in our India Tile factory, our brand, which takes a very important position among the Indian ceramic manufacturers, exports our porcelain tiles, which are inspired by nature, to more than 30 countries.

From Mundra to All Over the World!

Our porcelain and ceramic products are sent to all over the world from the port of mundra very soon after your order, with the advantage of our high-capacity production facility.

We offer you endless surface and design options with the “DRY FIX”, “SUGGAR EFFECT”, “HIGH POLISH” “ROTTO” “CURVING” and “RUSTIC” surface effects with the magnificent technology installed in our factory by the most famous line manufacturers of Italy.

Our products are quality controlled by 100% Italian and Turkish engineering and our pallets are presented to our customers as pine euro pallets.