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Tiles are produced by blending and pressing the soil with certain mixtures such as quartz, clay, and limestone in different proportions and then firing by giving a pattern. This product is mainly ceramic or porcelain tile, used primarily as interior wet floor wall covering. The Turkey tiles industry is a rapidly growing industry.

The water absorption rate of tiles is relatively high compared to floor ceramics. Turkey tiles manufacturers recommend that tiles not be used as floor coverings in places exposed to loads and where human density is high, such as hospitals and shopping malls. However, according to Turkey tiles manufacturers, tiles should not be preferred in places with a temperature difference.

The tiles have a smooth surface. Unlike ceramic, which has a much broader usage area and variety, it is preferred for interior decoration on bathroom and kitchen walls. Generally, it can be said that tiles are used on the wall and ceramics on the floor. In other words, Turkey tiles manufacturers produce this product specifically for the wall.

There is no difference between the tiles for the kitchen and the bathroom, which is one of the sines qua non of the building sector, except for style. This plate, which is glazed on one side, is also called tile by some Turkish manufacturers. The word tile is mainly used for square and rectangular thin plates with unglazed back and tin-glazed front.

As the number one Turkey tiles manufacturer, Our company is the biggest helper in creating end-to-end solutions for its customers. Turkish tiles manufacturers are informed in bulk or partial orders and take production priority. In this way, the fastest production flow is provided.

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Turkey Tiles Products

In recent years, Turkey tiles have had an essential place regarding product diversity, production capacity, and quality. Our company exports Turkey tiles products in the Turkey tiles industry to more than 30 countries. The Turkey tiles products we offer to our customers have always been products that meet expectations and standards.

Our tile products, which give your spaces a modern, aesthetic, and stylish look, are produced by the standards of the best manufacturers in the Turkey tiles industry. Our company has a variety of unique colors, sizes, and patterns in all product categories. Our company always has ready-made Turkish tile products in stock, and productions are made upon request.

Frig Tile supplies its domestic and international customers with wholesale and project-based tile products at affordable prices and of the best quality. Our company’s products, which guarantee that the best Turkish tile manufacturers produce the products offered for sale, are tile products with a one hundred percent guarantee.

Recently, the Turkey tiles industry has been producing various patterns and colors. Frig Tile is a company that attaches importance to durability, hygiene, aesthetics in its products.

The Most Special Turkey Tiles Products

Frig Tile is a company that takes pride in offering our valued customers the most special Turkish tile products. In our products, we give priority to quality. We have the most professional quality control staff in various regions throughout Turkey. The orders we receive from our customers are controlled from the moment they are received.

As a result of working with the leading manufacturers of the Turkey tiles industry, all orders are meticulously inspected and controlled from the production stage to the delivery stage. Our biggest goal in the Turkey tiles market is to constantly focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and their needs.

To create a product range suitable for the Turkey tiles market for builders, architects, and those who want to renovate their homes and workplaces. We offer the perfect harmony of style and aesthetics with the exclusive Turkey tiles designs preferred by those who seek elegance and a peaceful atmosphere in their living spaces.

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